Bacteria Grows in Your Drinking Water

Water Softeners seem to have a common problem. The salt in the tank is filled with water and the salts sits in the tank. Several things occur that you should be aware of.

The majority of bacteria sits on top of the water and the salt in the tank becomes hard, like a rock, and bacteria hides in the caverns that are created from the water. When you empty out your salt water tank get a chisel or saw and cut the plastic where the salt sits into. When you get to the bottom of the tank you will see mold and gunk that has collected. You will also smell something quite foul.

However, Puronic’s used NASA technology to develop a silver carbon of such light density that it would stay on top of the water to kill the bacteria where the greatest bacterial growth occurs. The Environmental Protection Agency evaluated the process and found silver carbon to be an effective bacterial growth inhibitor. That’s great news for Puronic’s and their distributors. 

The MiroSilver Bacteriostatsis technology uses microscopic particles of silver that are embedded into the SilverShield HYgene filter media using a proprietary process. That means the technology cannot be used by any other company selling, water softeners, water filters, water purification or any other systems or processes to clean your water. The system will remove scale, soap scum, rust reduction, chlorine, bad taste, odors, smells and a host of other problem water issues.

That’s great for Puronics using advanced technology, but not so good for people who don’t research their drinking and bathing water before purchasing a whole house water system. The patented SilverShield is included in the majority of Puronics residential and commercial equipment.

Europe is considering banning salt water softeners that breed bacteria and five states in the U.S. have already banned salt water tanks, California being one of them.

Puronic’s whole house water systems have a Lifetime Warranty. Contact your Idaho dealer today and help spread the word. Reach us at or call (208) 202-4021.

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