Iron & Rotten Egg Smell

Iron and magnesium can damage healthy skin cells and cause early onset of wrinkles. Your hair becomes dry and brittle. Excessive amounts of iron will cause many problems. Every time you shower you become saturated in oxidized (yellow to red) or oxidized (clear) iron. Iron acts like a harmful peroxide.

You might smell a rotten egg odor in your water, or the color of your water might be reddish, yellowish, or brown. You might even find dirty stains on your cloths.

Inorganic iron comes from groundwater which is having low concentration of dissolved oxygen. When it is oxidized it increase turbidity. Turbidity is the condition resulting from suspended solids in the water, including silts, clays, industrial wastes, sewage, and plankton. Filtration is the only way to rid your water of this type of iron. When the water temperature is low the dissolved oxygen concentration is higher. Cold water holds more dissolved oxygen so have an IronMax to combat the ever-changing nature of water is important. IronMax filtration system can remove both forms of iron, magnesium and hydrogen sulfide present in well water. This is the only way to safely remove the iron from well water.

Health issues are common with high levels of iron.

  • chronic fatigue.
  • joint pain.
  • abdominal pain.
  • liver disease (cirrhosis, liver cancer).
  • diabetes mellitus.
  • irregular heart rhythm.
  • heart attack or heart failure.
  • skin color changes (bronze, ashen-gray green).

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