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Small adjustment to your daily habits could save you $50 a month. We usually don’t think about it but if we applied these techniques over a ten-year period, we could save almost $10,000. That savings could be enough for a renovation project or an incredible 8-day trip to the Caribbean.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share with you quick and easy ways to save on money without costing you anything. These will be practical ways to have more money from your household budget.  It’s called discretionary money. You can save money when you purchase a water softener or a home water purification system.  A third party study showed consumers they could save 1200 dollars a year. 

When you shower you use 10-25 gallons of water but when you take a bath you use 70 gallons of water according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The study stated a $50 savings a year in water bills. For the nation, it’s a savings of 1.5 billion in water use and 2.5 billion in heating bills yearly. 

A family of 4 yearly spend on the water heater, water usage, and bottled water is $690. If you purchase a system at $47 a month you save an additional $126 a year and have less plumbing and appliance repairs and you’ll use less cleaning supplies. You can get a FREE WATER TEST and learn more at bath #tub #water #hygiene #gallons #watertreatment #didyouknow