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Water Purification systems solves blond brassy hair issues.

Have you ever noticed within a week or so after getting your hair done at the salon you notice your hair becoming brassy and dull?

The answer is simple:

There is hard water and chlorine in your water!

The first thing you can do is go to the beauty supply store and spend a boatload of hair clarifying products, purple shampoo and deep conditioning treatments that will remove the mineral buildup in your hair and balance out your blonde tones. However, that only works temporarily and it can strip your hair of natural oils.

Also, you can go a step further and buy a shower filter that contains activated carbon which can reduce the amount of chlorine in your water.

Going through buying countless hair products and shower filters can become not only frustrating but very costly in the long run as shampoo runs out and the shower filter only tackles part of your problem.

Your best bet is to get a whole-house water softener and filter system.

We recommend the Terminator iGEN C. Not only will it solve your hair woes but it protects your appliances, pipes, clothes and it will save you 30% on your power bill. This saves you tons of money over time. Never will it need filter changes saving you thousands of dollars. in maintenance fees.

Think about not having to throw away your favorite pair of jeans or your go-to sweater because of all the damage the hard water and chlorine created!

Your hair won’t be the only one thanking you. Think of how soft your skin will feel after the hard water and chlorine is eliminated. Your skins natural oils won’t be stripped and you won’t need to spend all that extra money on lotions and creams!

We invite you to allow one of our expert water technicians to come and test your water for free!

We can’t wait to help improve your water needs!