Drinking Chloramine

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Drinking Chloramine

When you mix chlorine and ammonia together it becomes a disinfectant called ...
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Radium Contamination in Drinking water

Radium – Radon Gas

When Radium decays which is a natural process in nature, it turns ...
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Arsenic Affects on Your Health

Arsenic Affects on Your Health

Arsenic  is airborne and it can leached through rocks and soil and ...
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Yellowish Tap Water in a sink

Brown or Yellowish Water

Brown or Yellow Water If you are witnessing brown or yellowish water ...
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A rusted spray due to water hardness


What’s the difference between hardness and TDS? Hardness can be measured in ...
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Six containers with water samples

What Does Cloudy Water & Turbidity Mean?

The higher the turbidity the higher the health risks including gastrointestinal disease, ...
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Is Drinking Water with Chlorine Safe

Chlorine Taste and Smell

Chlorinated Water & Health Disinfecting your municipality water supply, chlorine must be ...
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Close up of dirty tap water in a sink

Iron & Rotten Egg Smell

Iron and magnesium can damage healthy skin cells and cause early onset ...
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Water sample collection in a testing tube

PFAS Found in Drinking Water

Big Problem with PFAS in US Contaminants in water Dangers of PHAS 110 ...
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Ionics Presents NASA Technology Twice Used

New NASA Spinoff Article

NASA TECHNOLOGY - SilverShiel Puronics is featured in a new NASA Spinoff ...
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