Attention All blondes!

Helpful Articles About Water and Our Health

Close up of a girl with short white hair

Attention All blondes!

Water Purification systems solves blond brassy hair issues. Have you ever noticed ...
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Certifications for Puronics Water Softeners

Salt-Free Water Softeners Don’t Exist

Certifications for Puronic's Water Softeners SALT FREE WATER SOFTENERS OR SYSTEMS WITH ...
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Nitrate Sources explained with animation

Why Are Nitrates Dangerous?

Causes of Contaminated Drinking Water Most of the nitrates that end up ...
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Close up of a New born baby with eyes closed

Nitrates in Drinking Water –
“Blue Baby Syndrome”

Baby With Blue Spots on Skin Millions of Americans are involuntarily exposed ...
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new board baby sleeping peacefully

Nitrates in Tap Water: What Parents Need to Know

Blue Baby Syndrome Is Preventable Nitrates in water are the most common ...
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a superhero with shield and sun glasses

Bacteria Grows in Your Drinking Water

Cartoon Character Holding a Protective Shield Water Softeners seem to have a ...
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Ultra Tech Water Systems

Why Is It Essential To Improve Water Quality?

Conditioning your water supply in your home is healthier and and saves ...
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rust at the bottom of a machine

Unnecessary Costly Repairs

Unnecessary Costly Repairs Have you noticed that your socks, underwear and t-shirts ...
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Ultra Tech Water Systems

7 Ways To Save Every Month

How Much Water Does a Bath Tub Use Small adjustment to your ...
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man drinking contaminated water

Your Tap Water Is Slowly Killing You

Over 48,363 community water systems in the United States have been affected ...
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