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Brown or Yellow Water

If you are witnessing brown or yellowish water it could be Tannins in your city or well water. Tannis is the natural breakdown of organic or decaying vegetation. It also might be a build up of sediment in your pipes. If it is in your plumbing it is in your appliances, hot water tank, and toilet bowl. Some of the sediment could be magnesium and iron and you might smell a musty or earthy smell. there may be a build up of iron. If the color is temporarily yellow or brown – or white – it shouldn’t be a problem to your overall health. If the color stays yellow or brown for a long period of time, this may cause concern.  The consensus is, yellow water is not harmful to drink but it sure is hard to look at a glass of yellow water and put it to your mouth and drink. If you want to drink crystal clear pure water you can either buy a whole house purification system or a reverse osmosis.  Both of the systems come with a lifetime warranty as long as you maintain the systems. There is a saying throughout the industry, you can buy cheap or buy quality and you always get what you pay for. The reverse osmosis system has .001 turbidity rate and has a lifetime warranty. Be careful not to buy a system that only removes contaminants down to a .5 rate. Check out the maintenance cost and you will find it is the lowest in the industry. Puronics has the lowest turbidity rate on the market so buy quality.