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Beyond being an absolute necessity of life, water is a phenomenal cleaning agent. The trouble is nature does a lot of things with water long before you have a chance to use your homes water. You get water second hand. By improving your water quality, is just as important as buying a home appliance. There are many benefits when you condition your water. Conditioning your water supply in your home is healthier and and saves you money.

Saving money is important. You’ll save 50% of soap savings with conditioned water. I use 1/4 of cup of laundry soap for a full load of wash now that I have a water softener/purification system. Why? I’m washing in clean water instead of dirty water. The naked eye cannot see the particles in water, but we can show you through some testing at your kitchen sink. Sign up for a Free Water Test.

Saving money on pipe replacement, appliances and faucets can be a huge reason to purchase a purification water softener system. With a water conditioner you won’t have problems with scale buildup in the plumbing or water heater. Scale acts as an insulation material. In the water heater, scale reduces heat transmission, wastes fuel and often causes the heating coil and tube failures. The installation of a water conditioner not only prevents further scale formation but it will gradually remove previously formed scale buildup. A recent study indicated a savings of 30% in energy cost with the operation of a hot water heater. 

These are not the only reason why you may want to consider a water system. The health advantages are another factor. The contaminants in 89% of North America’s’ water supply is full of cancer causing agents. Please read the other blogs for more information on your city’s water supply.  You can also read about your city municipalities reports on water in your zip code. Contact us if you want your water tested.