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What’s the difference between hardness and TDS? Hardness can be measured in grains per gallon and is minerals calcium and magnesium that become hard as a rock and is difficult to remove. Hardness can ruin your appliances, make your hair dry and even cause hair loss. Hardness can make your skin so dry that it can even make you look older than you really are per a dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross at He said the impurities in hard water like iron and magnesium can form free radicals that damage health skin cells. I have been using the Terminator, a whole house water purification system, and a MicroMax 7000 reverse osmosis system since 2018. I have noticed that my brown aging spots are disappearing (some gone) and the aging spots appear lighter in color. 

TDS is organic and inorganic that substances found in your drinking water. You can physically see the solids when the water technician comes to your home. during the testing. It is very disconcerting to visually see what you are drinking from your tap water. See water purification solutions, Boise ID and a MicroMax 7000 reverse osmosis system.