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110 Million Americans’ and over 33 states drinking water is contaminated with PFAS according to the environmental working group. These chemicals are called “Forever Chemicals”. They are highly toxic fluorinated chemicals that affect us on a cellular level storing in our bodies. PFAS never break down or eliminate because the PFAS effect us on a cellular level. They have been known to cause immune systems issues, reproductive, cancer and other diseases.  There are no Federal regulations in the USA.  The drinking water standards is up to you so you must be proactive and search for the best way to protect our family’s drinking water.

If you are in Boise, ID you can get your water tested at the Analytical Labs downtown. If your report comes back with PFAS, an activated carbon membrane filter can be more effective for reducing or removing contaminants because the molecule is squeezed down to 0.001 forcing the contaminants to “shed off “. before the water is delivered to the reverse osmosis spicket. 

Where Does PFAS Come From?  We are inundated with plastic coatings from fast food, the butcher who sells you your meat, plastic food storage, Teflon coatings and utensils, including your microwave popcorn. It’s in our cosmetics, fragrances, even the firefighters are at risk because its in their foam when they put a fire out. Our land is literally polluted with it.

A bill was recently passed in Congress allocating money to address the problem for the cleanup of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. Some departments that were to receive funds is the Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey and Food and Drug Administration.

If the FDA and other departments were proactive they would have considered the effects of the “forever chemicals” before the problem existed. I hate what is happening to our planet with all the plastic and garbage being dumped in our landfills and the ocean.  I threw out all the plastic storage containers and bought glass, threw out the Teflon pans and bought stainless steel and a cast iron skillet. I then bought a Puronics whole house filtration system and their reverse osmosis. Idaho’s authorized dealer is Ultra Tech Water Systems.