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When Radium decays which is a natural process in nature, it turns into a gas and is called Radon. It gets into our water system through the air and ground. It is difficult to detect because you cannot see, smell or taste it even though you maybe drinking it. It can cause many health issues; stomach cancer, internal organ cancers, some types of lung and bone cancer. Higher doses of Radium can cause anemia, cataracts, teeth and bone issues. It is a grave concern because Radon can cause birth defects and kidney damage. Brita filters are not designed to remove radon nor can boiling water reduce or remove the radon. You can’t just flush your pipes and remove it. A Puronics 6500 reverse osmosis will and is the safest product on the market removing radioactive materials. It is the only system on the market that can claim to remove most of the radioactive materials such as Barium and Radium. This system also removes pathogens (viruses and bacteria).