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Unnecessary Costly Repairs

Have you noticed that your socks, underwear and t-shirts get holes after several months of washing and drying? Why? Because you are washing your cloths in dirty water

In 2006, all new home building codes have changed requiring the builder to put a loop at the main water line in the garage. This change is because the city is responsible to bring water to your home but it’s your responsibility to make sure the water is safe for your family’s consumption.

When you have your water tested you will see everything in water that isn’t water. The particles are little rocks and contaminants that tear your cloths. This is called “dirty water” and you can’t really get clean cloths if you wash in dirty water.

Unless you own a whole house water purification system you will continue to wear and sleep on dirty fabric filled with contaminants. Seventy percent of all contaminants get in your body through bathing, sleeping and wearing cloths.

With the high cost of appliances, the savings and hassle for replacement is substantial. Plumbing and appliance repairs, drain stoppages, scale in water pipes, replacement or repairs of your dishwasher, clothes washer, hot water tank, toilet flush units and faucets. I’ve seen new homeowners who have replaced their hot water heater in the second year of their new build purchase. That’s a big expense especially when you could have saved money monthly by using the whole house system. Savings on clothes, towels, linens, replacement is 30% yearly. Call us for a free quote today.