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A strong rotten egg smell from your faucet is alarming and is attributed to sulfur or bacteria. You can have a rotten egg smell in your home whether you have city or well water

Rotten Egg Smell in Well Water

High levels of hydrogen sulfide. in your well will smell of rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfate gets into your well through rain water, ground water run off or natural organic decay. It is s a gas that is organic and can be treated easily with an IronMax sold by Ultra Tech Water Systems. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen.

Bacteria in City Water

Smelly bacteria from your city’s water is known as coliform bacteria. It can be removed with a purification system. The city will flush the water supply with chlorine or chloramine to get rid of bacteria. Several times a month you will smell an onset of chlorine coming out of your faucets. The problem with this type of treatment is dangerous.

When ammonia is added to chlorine it becomes chloramine. Chloramine is a disinfectant and creates a secondary problem called trihalomethanes or THM’s. Adding ammonia to chlorine will also cause nitrates. Nitrates in water is naturally made however, high levels if nitrates in drinking water can be dangerous to both infants and the elderly.

Look for the best water purification system on the market with the highest recommendations. Look for the Diamond Certified systems, gold seal by the EPA and patents.

There is a system that NASA engineered with Puronics and was used on the space shuttle orbiter. The patented SilverShield media protected the astronauts and it will protect your family.