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Our selections of puronics® Well Systems

Well Systems

Ironmax™ iGen®

The Puronics® Ironmax™ iGen® system will remove iron and sulfur. Iron will leave ugly red stains and ruin clothing, appliances, and fixtures. You might notice objectionable smell somewhat like rotten eggs which is sulfur. The Ironmax™ will eliminate both problems.

The innovative air injection system maximizes iron, manganese, and sulfide removal without the use of chemicals.  The Ironmax™ is ‘green’ technology and is perfect for well water. It will give you great tasting water without chemicals. 

If you have Arsenic, Fluoride, Uranium, or cancer-causing contaminant we have the solution.

  • Smart Digital control valve
  • Tracks water usage & cleans automatically
  • Battery Back Up
  • Iron, manganese and sulfide are removed from the water by regenerating the media bed. The greensand typically lasts 10 years.
  • Air Injected Oxidation – No Chemicals.

Iron, Manganese and Sulfide Removal while giving you great tasing water, reducing unpleasant odors, prevents staining and ideal for well water, applications.

Big Blue Filter

Every time you buy a well unit it is a good idea to use Big Blue, a 20-micron sediment filter. This filter will help to keep out sand or sediment from your household water. Directly from the well is Big Blue, then the Ironmax™ is installed if you have iron or sulfur problems, and then a water softener.  The Big Blue is manually cleaned and replaced. An easier alternative is the FAT™ system.

FAT™ System

If you have high turbidity you might want to purchase a FAT™ system. Turbidity is sediment and dirt within the water. Other typical sediment filters are manually cleaned every 4 days, but the Puronics® FAT ™ filtering system will backwash automatically. There is zero maintenance.

This system is removing the dirt and sediment before any system is in place. Your water softener is installed after the FAT™ filter. If you have iron or sulfur, you may want to purchase the Ironmax™. If you have high Arsenic, Uranium, Nitrites, Nitrates, and or Cadmium or any other problem.  We have a solution for every type of problem water.

Arsenic System

Puronics® Model FA-12 FAI™ 10P IGen® has two pounds of Arsenic Reduction Media. It comes in a fiberglass tank and has a timer-initiated backwash. There is zero maintenance on your part. When the smart iGen® Valve, will tell you when it is time for service to replace the media. It typically lasts 10 years for a family of four. It removes

  • Arsenic lll & V
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Antimony
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Uranium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Manganese

If you want soft water, install a “base water softener” after the arsenic system.

UV Light

If you are using either B or C units on a well it is highly recommended to install a UV light. Sometimes carbon will turn brown but it is harmless however, the UV light will take care of this issue. Typically, you will change the light out yearly.

Our Reviews

“My wife and I purchased a Puronics water softener system from Ultra Tech Water Systems in June 2019. I waited to post a review until the system had been running for awhile to see how it worked in case anything went wrong. We are please to report that we are totally satisfied with our system. Michael did a good job installing it and the system works flawlessly. Very happy with our decision!”
Chris A

“I bought this system a couple months ago and I love it. The main reason I got it was because I have eczema really bad and no medications were working. As for the last few days my eczema is completely gone!! First time in one and a half years. I highly recommend this company and their water systems.”

Cathy N

“The difference in our water is amazing. For the first time in years I can get a drink of water right out of the tap and it tastes wonderful! I’ve already noticed a difference in our shower too! Michael is quite proficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Puronics filtration system and Ultra Tech water System for installation.”
Rebecca G

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