Anna Martinelli, Now
Photo of Nitrates in groundwater

Most of the nitrates that end up in the city’s water supply comes from agricultural runoff that contains nitrogen fertilizer and manure. Everyone is exposed to nitrate, but it poses the biggest risk to infants and the elderly.

Infants fed formula make with water contaminated by nitrates above the federal legal standard run the risk of Blue Baby Syndrome or methemoglobinemia. It’s rare but very serious condition that blocks the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. 

These concerns can be eliminated with a patented scientifically proven method. Even history has proven the use of silver to wart off bacteria. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used silver to purity and preserve water. 

Puronics’ uses the same idea but the revolutionary development of the silver carbon so light in density kills the bacteria growth where it occurs, on the top of the water. Then the SilverShield® filter media controls the release of silver ions that attach the microbes and stop the growth within the filter media bed of the water system. It also removes bad tastes, odors and chlorine. 

Puronics® SilverShield® protection assures you of the highest quality water coming into your home or business. This system saves you money every month and every year while it brings you the most delicious and safe water.