Exclusive With EPA

 U.S Environmental Protection Agency has given our parent company The Best Practices Award as the Climate Leader in  Home Purification System Innovations.  

WQA "Gold" Seal

  The Water Quality Association has given us the highest 

"Gold Seal" acknowledgement for highest quality products. We have NSF/ANSI 44 - "Residential Cation Exchange Water Softeners" for the reduction of Calcium and Magnesium and  NSF/ANSI 372 for "Lead Free" compliance, as verified and substantiated by test data. 

NSF - Highest Industry Standards

 The National Safety Foundation has approved our product to the highest safety standards. Surgical and restaurant grade 316L stainless steel grade. This is the same material your milk is transported in.  


Scores Highest in Quality in Customer Satisfaction Study, Earns Diamond Certified®. 

There has been over one million customers and we have a 97% satisfaction rating!

Ultra Tech Water Systems has 100% customer satisfaction.


  NASA SILVER TECHNOLOGY Incorporated SilverShield®HYgene® Filter Media with MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology to purify water on the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Technology behind this proprietary product was adapted from NASA’s silver ion technology developed to purify drinking water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

70 Years

 Since 1947, Puronics® has provided whole-house water systems and drinking water treatment solutions to over one million customers to improve the quality of their municipal or well water and improve the quality of their lives. 

Ultra Tech Water Systems is the authorized dealer in Idaho and  changing the way people think about their water.



Life Time Warranty

life time warranty symbol

 The purchaser has a life time warranty on the valves, main components and stainless-steel tank as long as you register your product in 30 days. If your system include Bacterostatic™ you must replace the silver carbon media with proper specifications’ and replace the HYgene® with a registered replacement.

 Call Ultra Tech Water Systems for assistance.

FREE Offer

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For a limited time, Ultra Tech, offers FREE installation, and a Pure & Gentle Econcentrate™ an all Natural Soap Package at an incredible low discount. Where else can you purchase all your household needs worth $8,000-16,000 for $400? Formulated Eco-Safe, Eco-Healthy products that are good for you and good for the planet. No Synthetic Optical Brighteners, No Dyes or Colorants, No Phosphates or Builders, No NonylPhenols, No Chlorine, No chemical VOC, No Parabens, No Diethanolamine (DEA), No Trichlosan, No PABA.

FREE MicroMax™ 7000 Reverse Osmosis

puronics 3 filters for reverse osmosis

For a limited time, we are giving a FREE Reverse Osmosis system to the first local customers. 

20% of the toxins enter through tap water. When drinking or cooking with unfiltered tap water, contaminants such as lead, nitrites, nitrates, arsenic,  chlorine, chloramine, copper, pesticides, and herbicides can accumulate in the body and interfere with biologic functions. We've got photos of "whats in water that isn't water". Look for These!

Additional Information


  1. Over 100 proprietary patents
  2. 8 Propitiatory Medias to filter contaminants; JetWhirl™, ScaleMax™, MicroSilverBacteriostatsis™, Purifex™ SilverShield®,HYgene®, Bacteriostatic™, Chloroshield™Clearess™, Chlorostatic™
  3. Notifies when SilverShield®HYgene® Bacteriostatic™ filter needs replaced based on water usage utilizing patented IGEN® Digital Control Valve.


  • Only system on the market triple certified with the highest ratings: EPA, WQA Gold Seal, EPA
  • Widely recognized as the Industry Leader in manufacturing high quality, durable products with performance ratings and certifications
  • SilverShield®HYgene™ Bacteriostatic™ Filter Media.
  • Green Technology- No Salt, No Potassium, or Chemicals, No Electricity
  • Food Grade 316L Surgical Stainless Steel® tank-same as restaurant equipment and stainless milk trucks
  • Safety System Check Valve so if you or plumber hooks system up backyards you won't lose your medias 
  • A dry Brine Tank so you don't drink or shower with salt water.
  •  Life Time Warranty on the main components and valve for original purchase
  •  Uses 23.5 gallons of water to clean system-two washes down/upflow
  • Battery Back-up
  • Total house chlorine removal
  •  Reduces previous scale build-up
  • We have Green Technology, no electricity needed  and safe for the planet
  •  Systems that use NO SALT or POTASSIUM 

How It Works

Your Water conditioning consists of a tank filled with a pre-measured amount of a special mineral S-759, formulated especially for your unit. On top of the tank is the control valve/timer, which works on the same priciple as an electric clock. Along side the unit is a storage tank which holds the salt and brine for the cleaning cycle.

Regeneration (cleaning) means recharging or re-cleaning the special S-759 mineral. The entire cleaning cycle is automatic and happens at midnight. Backwash, which reverses the action of the water both an down-wash and up-flow wash.  Back-washing throws off the sediment (called turbidity) that has been filtered out of the water, and flushes it down the drain. Salt/brine is injected into the unit to clean and revitalize the S-759 mineral. The amount of salt used is controlled by a float valve, which operates the same as the float in the water tank of your toilet. Slow rinse, then a fast rinse. The valve automatically returns to the service position to again supply you with good, conditioned water.