Why Ultra Tech

Tripled Certified Water Softeners and Water Purification Systems

Made in the USA, Patented for the materials and workmanship. Lifetime Warranty and Triple Certification. The only company with SilverShield® Technology. If it's good for the astronauts, it's perfect for you.

Here is Why You Need a Puronics® Water Filtration System from Ultra Tech Water Systems!

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria while effectively removing chlorine and other contaminants.
  • A Puronics® water solution is a Lifetime System. 
  • It comes with Lifetime Media…2 million gallons usage* 
  • A Patented Dry Brine tank that won't cause Bridging.
  • The Puronics® water solution saves YOU money! Our system backwashes twice, during its backwash cycle, for a total of only 46 gal instead of 150 gallons for typical water softeners.
  • You use less salt annually. Set up is 120 lbs of salt instead of 200-300 lbs of salt with less advanced systems.
  • Our space-saver design also helps keep your garage more organized!
  • We have data performance sheets for each of our systems. This data is provided by independent third-party testing, providing you confidence and peace of mind…knowing your Puronics® water solution is bringing you a lifetime of quality water solutions.

At Ultra Tech Water Solutions, we believe you should order the best…then let us do the rest!

You want more proof?

See what the CEO of Ultra Tech Water Solutions says:

From The Desk of Bobbie Smith

Thank you for trusting Ultra Tech Water Systems to provide your family with high quality water solutions.  Before I partnered with any water solution company, I did exhaustive research.  I found one distinct characteristic of Puronics®.  They lead the industry in almost every possible category! 

  • Quality of equipment
  • Numerous patents.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Triple certifications.
  • Longstanding partnership with NASA.
  • Longevity of the company…since 1947.
  • Lifetime Media* and Warranty.
  • Performance Data Sheets for certifications.
  • No Maintenance Costs.

When I discovered that over 2 million people have purchased Puronics® water systems, I knew I found a winner!  They are the only company to receive the "Diamond Certification" for the least amount of consumer complaints and highest customer satisfaction.   Let me show you how a Puronics® water solution will bring you a lifetime of quality water solutions.  Contact me right now!

Puronics® water solutions are not only used in residential markets, but the commercial sector as well.
Puronics® is used by government agencies, hospitals as well as restaurants, coffee bars and breweries.
Puronics® is a first responder to global natural disasters and prides itself in being environmentally conscious.

Ultra Tech Water Solutions is proud to partner with Puronics®, providing you with affordably priced, water softeners and purification systems.

Ultra Tech Water Solutions…bringing you a lifetime of quality water solutions.

*Certain Limitations Apply.  Contact Ultra Tech Water Systems for More Information

If NASA Trusts Puronics® With the Lives of the Astronauts...

Perhaps it is time for you to experience a lifetime of quality water solutions.  You owe it to you and your family’s health!   Just a simple click to connect with me right now.  There is no obligation.

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Filter Change Puronics

Home Water Purification and Water Softeners in Eagle, ID How Our Home Water Purification System Works!

‘The World’s Only NSF Certified 316L Stainless Steel Tank’

Ultra Tech Water Systems


  1. Over 100 proprietary patents
  2. 8 Propitiatory Medias to filter contaminants; JetWhirl™, ScaleMax™, MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™, Purifex™ SilverShield®, HYgene®, Bacteriostatic™, Chloroshield™ Clearess™, Chlorostatic™
  3. Notifies when SilverShield® HYgene® Bacteriostatic™ filter needs to be replaced based on water usage utilizing patented iGen® Digital Control Valve.
  4. The Chlorostatic™  Media is a 20 year filter or 2 million gallons of water.