Why Ultra Tech

Tripled Certified Water Softeners and Water Purification Systems

Made in the USA, Patented for the materials and workmanship. Lifetime Warranty and Triple Certification. The only company with SilverShield® Technology. If it's good for the astronauts, it's perfect your you.

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Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems
Ultra Tech Water Systems

Filter Change Puronics

Home Water Purification and Water Softeners in Eagle, ID How Our Home Water Purification System Works!

‘The World’s Only NSF Certified 316L Stainless Steel Tank’

Ultra Tech Water Systems


  1. Over 100 proprietary patents
  2. 8 Propitiatory Medias to filter contaminants; JetWhirl™, ScaleMax™, MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™, Purifex™ SilverShield®, HYgene®, Bacteriostatic™, Chloroshield™ Clearess™, Chlorostatic™
  3. Notifies when SilverShield® HYgene® Bacteriostatic™ filter needs to be replaced based on water usage utilizing patented iGen® Digital Control Valve.


  • The only system on the market triple certified with the highest ratings: EPA, WQA Gold Seal, EPA

  • Widely recognized as the Industry Leader in manufacturing high quality, durable products with performance ratings and certifications

  • SilverShield® HYgene™ Bacteriostatic™ Filter Media

  • Green Technology - No Salt, No Potassium, or Chemicals, No Electricity

  • Food Grade 316L Surgical Stainless Steel® tank-same as restaurant equipment and stainless milk trucks

  • Safety System Check Valve so if you or plumber hooks system up backyards you won't lose your medias

  • A dry Brine Tank so you don't drink or shower with saltwater

  • Lifetime Warranty on the main components and valve for the original purchase

  • Uses 23.5 gallons of water to clean system-two washes down/upflow

  • Battery Backup

  • Total house chlorine removal

  • Reduces previous scale build-up

  • We have Green Technology, no electricity needed, and safe for the planet

  • Systems that use NO SALT or POTASSIUM

How It Works

Your water conditioning consists of a tank filled with a pre-measured amount of a special mineral S-759, formulated especially for your unit. On top of the tank is the control valve/timer, which works on the same principle as an electric clock. Alongside the unit is a storage tank that holds the salt and brine for the cleaning cycle.

From the desk of Bobbie Smith

I researched many companies and decided to go with Puronics® for the quality of the equipment, the patents, triple certifications, partnering with NASA and longevity of the company of 74 years. With over 2 million people that have purchased Puronics, I knew I found a winner especially with the lifetime medias and performance. They received the "Diamond Certification" for the least amount of complaints. and is the only water company that has received this award. Puronics is used in residential and government agencies, hospitals and restaurants. They are first responders to natural disasters and are the climate leaders. Affordably priced water softeners and purification systems with a lifetime warranty.


Our Mission

Our deepest purpose for this business is helping support the health and well-being for generations to come. We want to create value, make a difference and provide solutions that support our community while we protect the planet. We want to deliver uncompromising principals, as we grow with the highest of integrity.

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