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The best water softener or water purification system is in Meridian, Idaho is sold by Ultra Tech Water Systems. There are several distinguished facts that make this the best system on the market.


First, the brine tank is called a dry brine tank. It inhibits bacteria growth which means the salt tank will not grow bacteria. The water that is flushed in the tank for a limited time and pulls enough salt out to remove the calcium and magnesium. Then the salt water is dispersed into the larger tank that has the Igen valve. When that happens, the contaminants are removed. Then there is a second backwash to remove the salt and other contaminants. The water coming into your pipes, appliances and faucets have less salt than a teaspoon. Ultra Tech Water Solutions sells Puronics and they guarantee a million gallons of clean water delivered to your home or a 40 year warranty. That’s called a lifetime warranty.


There are some disposable units sold by Culligan, Kinetico and Idaho Water Solutions. They are called,“disposable units” because their warranty is 5-10 years. Their brine tank is a “wet” brine tank and the salt sits in water between 8-14 hours. The water is so saturated with salt that when it is delivered to your pipes you are literally drinking and showering with salt water.  Remember, the doctor will tell you “Lower your salt intake”, and that is impossible if you are using a disposable unit. 


The other thing to be concerned about is bacteria will grow in this tank.  The salt becomes very hard like a rock. Then when water is flushed into this tank tunnels form in the salt rock and that is where Bacteria grows. If you pull the large rock of salt out of the brine tank you will find bacteria in the bottom on the tank also. It is black and it smells horrible. In your lifetime you will have to purchase these systems eight times or Puronics for a one time purchase.  All in all, Ultra Tech Water System has the best affordable water softener and water purification system on the market.