NASA Technology, patented-Silver Impregnated in Carbon removes bacteria.


Home Water Purification  Solution Boise, Idaho removes harmful chemicals from your shower and drinking water.


From the desk of Bobbie Smith

We got into the home water purification business in Boise, Idaho because wanted to branch out.  I run this company with my fiancé, Michael,  and we both are about customer service and helping people.  We researched many companies and decided to go with Puronics® for the quality of the equipment, the patents, certifications, and the history and longevity of the company. 

We jumped in and bought a system and totally fell in love with how our hair and skin feels. This may seem odd but I'm going to share this anyway. My knees were hurting and I have dark aging spots, especially on my legs. As crazy as this might sound, my knee pain is gone and the aging spots are diminishing in a big way! 

Not sure 'why' after all these years, but I got a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with my home water purification system because nothing else has changed, except my water! We hope we get a chance to meet you! 

Our Mission

Our deepest purpose for this business is helping support the health and well-being for generations to come. To create value, make a difference and provide solutions that support communities while we protect the planet. We want to deliver uncompromising principals, as we grow with the highest of integrity. 

 Please look around, watch the video below and  read the certifications on "Why Ultra Tech".  Please click the social media buttons, blogs and share them to your face book page. Thanks for visiting our site and we appreciate you!

Looking for a home water purification solution or reverse osmosis system?  Our products have been leading the way for over 70 years in the water purification industry. The technology has been benefiting NASA, US Government, businesses and residential homes for over 70 years.  A system that is customized for your specific water problems. Serving Idaho, including Boise, Eagle, and Meridian. Call today for a "Special Offer".


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