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“Fast, quality, lifetime warranty.”
Paul D

“Buying a full-house water softening and purification system is expensive. However, my husband and I do not consider pure water a luxury and rather it is a necessity. We have had systems in past homes and feel somewhat knowledgeable overall. Michael and Bobby were very patient with our endless questions during their presentation visit and we found their product offerings to be affordable. We purchased a system from them a few weeks back and so far the system is more than adequate. The new Puronics system was installed a few days after purchase, which we felt was surprisingly fast. Michael and Howard spent the better part of the day working to install the Puronics equipment, including trips to the hardware store. It was a very professional installation. We are happy with our experience, the equipment, and Ultra Tech.”
Cher E

“My wife and I purchased a Puronics water softener system from Ultra Tech Water Systems in June 2019. I waited to post a review until the system had been running for awhile to see how it worked in case anything went wrong. We are please to report that we are totally satisfied with our system. Michael did a good job installing it and the system works flawlessly. Very happy with our decision!”
Chris A

“Mike and Bobbie are awesome! Ultra Tech Water Systems will be your most important investment of a lifetime! Our water is amazing!! We don’t compromise when it comes to the importance of having pure water. If you aren’t informed regarding the quality of your water, I highly recommend you reach out to them at Ultra Tech! Mike came out and tested our water for free, he explained the systems and we knew we had found our solution. In rapid style, Mike coordinated with Bobbie and ordered and installed our new system in record time! They followed up with us when we had questions. Mike and Bobbie are a power team and the product is the best in the industry. We’ve recommended Ultra Tech Water Systems to our neighbors and friends. This is the real deal when it comes to water purification. If at the least we highly recommend you inquire and get informed about what is in your water. We would recommend them both and the company.”
Pamela R

“Mike and Bobbie are very kind and helpful! This is a great system and you can tell a difference in your water. Definitely worth the investment.”
Nicole S

“Michael was great. Fast and efficient. He installed a water softener and a ro system. I would recommend 100%.”

Amila M

“This water systems is a life changer! The entire process from our 1st appointment to the installation was such a pleasure! The service level was unparalleled to any other – Michael has been there for us when we had questions… even months after the install-He has been so responsive and extremely helpful. The office lady, Bobbie made us feel valued when I called and emailed her with some questions about the system. She not only responded to my emails promptly but she also called later that evening to make sure it was all clear. Truly an all-around great company, product and customer service.”
Gabriela S

“Very reasonable pricing. Great product. A+ customer service. These guys really know what they are doing and have your best interest in mind. “Update” 8 months later and I am still completely happy with my water system and the companies customer service!”
Casey W

“I love mine! My son says our water tastes better and my hair is much more manageable.”
Jill W

“I love the RO water system. They were very helpful in removing my water softener. Excellent service.”

Barbara Z

“Everything works great!!”
Carol A

“Quick response to multiple questions and installed within a day of placing the order.”
Leslie T

“Michael did a great job selling the feature of the product and installation. He was professional and clean. Can't say enough good about Ultra Tech and the way they treat their customers.”
Ted G

“Best water treatment system on the market. Only company giving a lifetime warranty and price is the same or better than other systems that I saw. Great service and friendly as well as qualified to do the job.”
Howard P

“We had an IronMax installed in our Mountain Cabin. We had so much Iron in our well that our water was yellow and orange. We couldn’t drink it and were worried about our pipes and appliances wiring out. Michael came up to chat with us. Showed us his products and tested our water. Our water was already super soft, Michael recommended the Ironmax. He said we didn’t need a softener.. He didn’t try to sell us what we didn’t need. He sold us only what we did need. Fantastic service. Quick order and install. Couldn’t be happier! As a Real Estate agent, I highly recommend Ultra Tech for your Water solutions.”
Janet R

“Honesty and friendly service.”

Gabe R

“The representative of the company was wonderful. He helped figure out what my options were for fixing the problem. He did not pressure me to buy a new system.”
Jeanna E

“Best purchase I ever made. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!”
Carrol M

“Personable, friendly, and willing to work out the financing with the customer in mind.”
Don M

“Personable, friendly, and willing to work out the financing with the customer in mind.”
Frank F

“They are a great company!”

Mike C

“I had a water softener installed a year ago, and I didn’t seem to notice much of a difference but my wife can. But with the new softener, when I got some water to take my pills i saw the difference and was extremely thrilled. We had a small drip and they came out to fix it in the middle of the day. They were very professional and knew their stuff. I am very pleased with the results. Would I recommend him? Absolutely! They even gave me a decent trade in on my old water softener. He kept his word on everything he said he would do. They did everything for us, I didn’t have to do anything!”
David C

“I bought a system, the Terminator from Ultra Tech Water Systems, and what an incredible difference this product made. I’m impressed with the backwash, using only 2 gallons of water each wash. My hair and skin is so soft and I don’t shower or drink salt or Chlorine anymore! The price was comparable to just a regular salt system that everyone else is selling so I feel like I hit the jackpot… Their system is a purification system and the water taste remarkable and my coffee tastes amazing! I was also impressed with the EPA Gold certification because the carbon impregnated with silver was invented and patented with the effort of the company and NASA. After all, this product is used on the space shuttle orbiter, if its GREAT for the astronauts I know its great for my family! Impressive!! I bought it and the next day it was installed, no mess or clean up and I didn’t lift a finger, they did it all… Thank You Ultra Tech Water Systems and staff !”
Micheal W

“Wonderful company and worth for money.”
Erin P

“Amazed at the work they did. They were quick and fast. My coffee in the morning tastes yummy!!”
Debbie A

“We love our water softening system! Bobbie was so nice to work with and got us the best system for our needs. Mike was very informative and made sure our system was installed properly and efficiently! Thank you for everything!”
Dayna T

“They came out the same day I spoke with them on the phone. And the work was completed the next day.”
Macelle E

“Mike and Bobbie are very kind and helpful! This is a great system and you can tell a difference in your water. Definitely worth the investment.”
Nikki S

“Before my water had this nasty metallic taste and smells. The water now is so much cleaners and pure for sure 🙂
Chris B

“Good experience.”
Ken R

“Very prompt.”

Jim W

“Great, fast, same day, in my case, service!”
Marta P

“Very rapid response to my inquiry, excellent customer service and value. They installed the softener the same day”
Robert G

“I did a lot of research on water systems and Puronics, while not the least expensive, is definitely worth the money. Mike was there to answer all my questions and then some. Very knowledgeable and through. He even installed my custom faucet for the reverse osmosis Alkaline system he installed in my kitchen! The water quality is awesome! I noticed a change almost instantly in the overall softness, less water spotting, smoother skin and the RO system is fantastic! We’re 80% water. Why would you waste money on anytying but the best?!? I’d highly recommend Mike. You won’t be disappointed.”
Mark E

“With well water you need a treatment system for iron and sulfur. So far we really are enjoying our system.”
Chris Z

“They were on time, professional with a great product”
Larry S

“I bought this system a couple months ago and I love it. The main reason I got it was because I have eczema really bad and no medications were working. As for the last few days my eczema is completely gone!! First time in one and a half years. I highly recommend this company and their water systems.”

Cathy N

“The difference in our water is amazing. For the first time in years I can get a drink of water right out of the tap and it tastes wonderful! I’ve already noticed a difference in our shower too! Michael is quite proficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Puronics filtration system and Ultra Tech water System for installation.”
Rebecca G

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