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When you travel abroad you don’t think about a water source until you get thirsty. Most people know to buy bottled water in third world country’s or have you wondered while in Europe where you shouldn’t drink the tap water?

Drinking unsafe water can give you anything from diarrhea to Hepatitis A and typhoid and cholera. Just brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth out in the shower could give you an upset stomach in Europe’s water supply.

USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has stated you should be more careful with your water. They stated recommendations for “drinking water are based on overall risk of gastrointestinal illness among travelers to a country”. From Spain and France to Russia and Croatia: Countries in Europe where you can drink tap water – and the places you really shouldn’t. So from Albania to the Vatican City, here are the countries where you should change up to bottled water – and the places where you don’t need to worry.