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When you mix chlorine and ammonia together it becomes a disinfectant called Chloramine. Chloramine is dangerous because it is used in some water utilities distribution facilities because it is more stable than Chlorine, but the dangerous effects can last a long time. It will cause “lead leaching” from lead pipes.  If you get lead poisoning it can cause neurological damage, health problems and death in small children. Chloramine has a long-lasting effect on water, and it can cause digestive mucosa, irritation to; your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and cause gastric cancer and itchy dry skin. It smells like bleach but stronger and more pungent. You can test your water for Chloramine and if you find it you can use an extensive carbon filter and a reverse osmosis system to treat your water making it safe to drink. Purchasing a Clarius N will get rid of Chloramine.