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Too much iron or metal in your water can cause health issues . If you smell metal or or see stains on your towels or sinks you have iron. Too much iron in your water you may cause stomach pain or vomiting. Iron and magnesium can also damage healthy skin cells and cause an early onset of wrinkles. Every time you shower you will become saturated in oxidized iron therefore your hair may becomes dry and brittle. Iron acts like a harmful peroxide.

You might smell a rotten egg odor in your water, or the color of your water might be reddish, yellowish, or brown. You might even find dirty rusty colored stains on your sink, washcloth and towels. Likewise, excessive amounts of iron will build up in your organs causing fatal damage to your liver, heart, and pancreas. If you begin to vomit or have diarrhea and stomach pain, you should get your water tested right away. or as soon as you smell metal from your drinking water. A water purification system with the proper certifications will provide a lifetime of clean water. A quality system will clean your pipes to remove any residue that has built up.