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City of Meridian’s Area of Drilling Concern

Q: What are the contaminants of concern? 

A: The dissolved metals uranium and arsenic are naturally occurring contaminants of concern. Human-introduced contaminants include nitrates, pesticides, herbicides as well as industrial chemicals such as perchlorethylene, and pathogens such as bacteria.

This is an effort to preserve and protect the water supply for residents today and in the future.

  • The quality and safety of Meridian’s water supply are threatened by the construction on of unsealed water wells.
  • The City of Meridian relies solely on …. You can go to IDWR website and there is a host of information about this subject.

You can protect your family from contaminants by having a water technician show you the products from They can show you products that remove a large range of pesticides, rust, lead, arsenic and so much more. You can call them direct or fill out the form online and they will reach out to you.