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By now you’ve probably heard of PFAS. They are thousands of chemicals used in or to make water, grease and stain repellent coatings for a million different products. They are used in makeup (choose personal care products without PTFE or Fluoro ingredients), food packaging (cardboard wrappers for fast food and bakeries), fast food, carryout, cooking popcorn in the microwave ( the inside bag is coated with PFAS), cookware made of Teflon (use stainless steel or cast-iron cookware), water you drink, dental floss, and many fabrics today. Avoid buying fabrics treated with nonstick chemicals such as; Teflon, Scotchgard, Stain master, Polar Tec, Gore-Tex.

These chemicals bind in your body and will last in your body for decades causing internal havoc on your internal organs. Studies have linked PFAS chemicals to:

  • Testicular, kidney, liver and pancreas cancer
  • Wakened childhood immunity
  • Low birth weight
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Weight gain in children and dieting adults.

The EWG’s Tap Water Database, tested 5,000 drinking water supplies and the chemical was found in 33 states and at least 16 million Americans were drinking water with more than one contaminated nonstick chemicals. Many people were not told their drinking water was contaminated with harmful levels of PFAS because the test was not publicized. The EWG has learned that 110 million Americans’ drink this contaminated water daily.

The closest remedy to this epidemic in your water supply is a reverse osmosis and activated carbon filters may be effectively reduce or eliminate the contaminants. Not all companies provide the best solutions filtering out harmful chemicals. The majority of companies remove contaminants down to 5 microns. You’ll want to find a company who removes contaminants down to .0001 microns. Ultra Tech Water Systems choose Puronics’ equipment because it has been tripled certified through organizations, National Science Foundation, Environment Protection Agency with a Gold Seal (not just white as with most companies) for superior or ‘Best’ equipment, and the Water Quality Association. Ultra Tech Water systems reverse osmosis systems removes contaminants down to .0001 microns. It’s called the Micromax™7000.