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Everyone claims to have the best whole house water filtration system. Any system is better than nothing at all , however compromising your health is not a good course of action.  You may want to think about product quality and what does that mean to you. Is it price or warranty that matters?  Do you think a system that has a lifetime warranty is better than a system whos warranty expires in five years? The answer is yes. Who would offer a lifetime warranty or lifetime media if their product wouldn’t stand the test of time? The next question to ask is which product  has more benefits?  You may want to look at typical problems water softeners have in common and what company has addressed those problems and fixed them.
The first problem you should ask is, does any product inhibit bacteria growth?   The answer is yes. Puronics® partnered with NASA to develop a patented silver carbon of such light density that it would stay on top of the water to kill the bacteria or inhibit bacteria growth in the salt brine tank. Silvershield® is the only product that eliminates bacteria in water conditioners. The Environmental Protection Agency evaluated the process and found silver impregnated in the carbon was most effective as a bacterial growth inhibitor. That’s great news for Puronics® and their authorized dealers, however not good for other companies. MiroSilver Bacteriostatsis™  SilverShield® HyGene® filter media is a proprietary process.  The technology cannot replicated. Puronics® holds the patent on this process. 

With a Puronics® “dry brine tank” the salt won’t form into a solid rock form. Bacteria is inhibited and the salt is not harmed by the water like a typical water conditioner. You will never have to worry about your Puronics® system. Rest assured, if the astronauts use Puronis® technology you should too. Puronis® provides a Lifetime Warranty on their equipment and a lifetime warranty on their media for the “C” units up to 2 million gallons of water usage. Or better yet, a family of 4 using the system with no filter changes or maintenance costs for twenty years. Contact your Idaho dealer today. Call now (208) 202-4021.

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