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Rust From a Well Without a Purification System

When is it time to seek professional help for your water? WQA recommends finding a qualified water technician. The Boise, Idaho and the surrounding areas you can contact, “Ultra Tech Water Systems”.

Ask a few questions and see if your neighbors have any knowledge of pesticide spraying and problems with their water.

under the following circumstances:

  • If your tap water doesn’t taste or smell good
  • If your water doesn’t lather properly when mixed with soap
  • If your water leaves scale or spots on surfaces and fixtures
  • If you have black residue in your dishwasher, this could be a sign of bacteria or mold
  • If you’ve had testing done and aren’t sure how to solve the problems
  • Ultra Tech Water Systems will provide you with a FREE Water Test & Solutions whether you are experiencing well or city water problems.

You can collect water from your kitchen sink and drop it off to a lab and have it tested.