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Home Water Purification Solutions in Kuna, ID

Carbon impregnated with silver, called SilverShield Hygene, is patented and inhibits bacteria growth, tastes, smells, odors, and chlorine with maximum water softening. Most people will see rashes, eczema and other skin issues lessen. After 125,500 gallons of water consumption before the media will be replaced. For a family of four, the carbon impregnated with silver will be replaced every 3-4 years. Has the same SilverShield® Protection NASA Technology.

The intelligent IGEN® smart valve  is included with a battery backup. If the power goes out the machine will continue to run. When the power comes back on the machine will take over so there is nothing you need to do. This system will signal when maintenance is required by flashing the phone number for maintenace, just give us a call. 


Developed in 2018, the newest system Chloroshield® Clearess™ was specifically designed to take out the highest levels of chloramine and chlorine without the use of salt, potassium, or chemicals.  No maintenance is required until you've used 1.5 to 2 million gallons of water. The media last 15-20 years so it is a very cost effective . This technology was developed for states that have high disinfectants in the city municipality's water supply like i.e.. chlorine and chloramine. By the way, Chloramine is a ammonia added to water and it is a strong disinfectant.

Home water purification system in Kuna, ID

No-Salt Filtration

A 'GREEN' solution for a whole-house crystal clear water using no salt, no potassium, and no chemicals in a cost-effective manner is the  Clarius™ . The technology is Scale reducing, battery-operated, and up-flow carbon filter and two backwashes with minimal water usage. I has the same SilverShield® Hygene® Protection - NASA Technology at work. The difference is Clarius tells you when the Silvershield needs to be changed out where the Goodsprings you change mark your calendar and change every two years.  The Goodsprings unit uses a scale inhibitor where the calcium and magnesium is "crystalizes the hardness" so it won't stick to the pipe. You will still see white calcium on the sink and counters where the water splashes. The Goodsprings uses no power, no salt, no potassium, no chemicals, no drainage is required and has a back up battery.

Problem Water Systems

Having problems with Chloramine, Chlorine, Iron, Sulfur, HAAs, or acid in your water? Specifically customized to address each of your problems giving you crystal clear water that tastes and smells great. We typically require a professional water test and these units are specifically designed to fix your specific water problems.

Drink Quality Water & Save Money

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Drinking Water

Your drinking water filtration system utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) to produce the highest quality water for all your family's drinking water and food preparation, eliminating the need for bottled water. Removes contaminants down to .0001 microns. No other reverse osmosis system on the market removes this level of contaminants or brings you this level of clean pure water. The MicroMax 7000 removes everything in the Treasure Valley including Uranium, fluoride, lead, nitrates, nitrates, calcium, magnesium, arsenic and so much more. Did you know your body will not absorb Arsenic yet you can ingest it.